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Hell Is Other People

2022.11.28 TBRT23-2043.Edit-WEB HELL IS OTHER

9 - 27 May

  • AGES


    Approx. 60min

    TUES 9 MAY

    WED 10 MAY

    THURS 11 MAY

Yes, that means you

Three unlikely strangers meet in a waiting room. Each takes a ticket and waits for their number to be called. But what happens when their number is never called, the door locks & reality starts warping. Without the fire or torture devices, would you realise you were in hell?

Laugh, cry & lose your mind with a visual & physical spectacle not for the fainthearted… this is hell after all…

OFFIE-nominated movement director Yvan Karlsson leads a group of Boorloo’s rising theatrical talent in this bold, non-verbal, reimagining of Jean Paul Sartre’s existentialist play ‘No Exit/Huis Clos’, that will change your perception of what physical theatre can be.

Take a ticket and sit down, your numbers next.

Image by Nicolee Fox
  • Director/Concept/Set Designer

    Yvan Karlsson

  • Producer

    Ellen-Hope Thomson

  • Lighting Designer

    Matthew Erren

  • Sound Designer

    Ella Portwine

  • Costume Designer

    Rhiana Katz

  • Performers

    Tim Green
    Lucy Wong
    Kimberly Parkin
    Nathan Di Giovanni

  • Stage Manager

    Holly Ballam

  • Dramaturg

    Humphrey Bower