Presented by Sage J Harlow & Tone List

<3 love song

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19 - 27 January

  • AGES


    50 mins

    Adults themes including coarse language and sexual references

I love yous

Three people meet at the same moment. They embark on a relationship that radically challenges conceptions of romantic love–other people’s and their own. Their love will be tested by the misunderstandings and assumptions of everyone else in their lives. Will they cope? Written by beloved experimental singer, composer and poet Sage J Harlow (Sage Pbbbt),

<3 love song is a queer love poem exploring the joys, hurts and dangers of non-normative love, set to live original music played by avant-garde dream team Annika Moses (Nika Mo, Great Statue), Lyndon Blue (Heathcote Blue, Leafy Suburbs) and Josten Myburgh (Land’s Air, Ghost Gum Reverb). This is a quietly ambitious, tender work by a special local artist exploring new facets of her practice. 

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Image by Josh Wells
  • Writer/Composer/Director/Performer

    Sage J Harlow

  • Producer/Performer

    Josten Myburgh

  • Dramaturg

    Andrew Sutherland

  • Lighting Designer

    Adelaide Harney

  • Stage Manager

    Catherine O’Donoghue

  • Performers

    Annika Moses
    Lyndon Blue