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Much Stuff

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10 - 28 Oct

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    Approx. 45min

Look at me

Have you told your friend you’re in love with them yet?

Blake and Charlie can only say the wrong words at the right time. One’s brain goes brrr, the other’s clunk clunk. Join these two in a mess of gay panic and neurodivergency as they navigate the glorious awkwardness of the ’20-something’ identity crisis, the beauty of female relationships, and doing it all in a world not built for you (with arguable success). From the anxious and brilliant brain of Lily Boss-Bailey and directed by Eliza Smith (She’s Terribly Greedy, Everything Flickers) Much Stuff is a confessional of the rude and crude parts of being a human who is perhaps a little too sensitive- served with a side of dexies and awful cramps.

But it’s okay, we promise. We meant that in the nicest way possible.

No really, you’re great.

Image by Nicolee Fox
  • Director

    Eliza Smith

  • Writer/Performer

    Lily Boss-Bailey

  • Producer/Performer

    Gabrielle Wilson

  • Dramaturg

    Sophie Davis

  • Designer

    William Gammel

  • Stage Manager

    Lucy Wong

  • Design Advisor

    Keerthi Subramanyam