Transformation 30 Birthday Appeal

Update –

We’re very happy to announce that we have hit the fundraising target for our TRANSFORMATION campaign just in time for Xmas!

This is an extraordinary effort from supporters of The Blue Room Theatre throughout our membership and the community.

The campaign launched at the end of October, and since that time it has raised $57,012!

In addition to the public campaign, we have also raised an additional $30k in major gifts, taking the total raised in the campaign to $87,012.

In 2019 The Blue Room Theatre turns 30! We’re celebrating the milestone by fundraising for a project we’ve touted Transformation.

We’re raising funds to create a third black-box performance space and to renovate the bar for the first time in 15 years

We’re celebrating by transforming the venue to support Western Australian artists for the next 30 years. We’re aiming to raise $50,000. Every $1 you donate will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 scheme to become $2. So, we will raise $100,000. 

With this, we’ll create a third black-box performance space to support more artists and a wider range of performance. 

And we’ll renovate the Bar for the first time in 15 years so The Blue Room Theatre grows its audiences along with the renewal of the Perth Cultural Centre.

For all the details and to donate – head here. It’s got on the details you need to know and a tracker of how we’re going so far.

Thanks to everyone who is generously contributed thus far!

We would like to acknowledge and say a big thank you some major donors so far: Minderoo Foundation very generously matched $10,000 in donations at our preview event to make a momentous start. Below is a full list of all our donors.

Adrian & Michela Fini
Izaak Lim
Shane Colquhoun & Leigh Cathcart
Tim Watts & Arielle Gray
Ian & Jillian Green
Nola Burns
Bryce Moore
David Geoffrey Hall
Linda Savage
Bryan Martin
Marilyn Fowler
Tony Sutherland
Nerida Maclean
Annie Murtagh-Monks, in honour of Laura Henkel
Mark Hateley
Phil & Karen
Veronique Ramen
Steve Stone
Samantha Nerida
Natalie Jenkins
James & Elizabeth Boyd
Julian Hobba
Liesbeth Goedhart
James Mumme
Daniel Cleary
Shelagh Magadza
Kerry O’Sullivan
Emily McLean
Andrew Baker & Rowan Marshall
Libby Klysz
Tony Grybowski
Indi Ranson
Amber Hasler
Gary Roscoe
Kate Mulvany
Katt Osborne
David Zampatti
Helen O’Sullivan
Victor Thomas
John Foster
Sally Martin
Ryan Sandilands
Samanda Sankowsky
Alexander Egloff
Gordon Magon & Gail Murphy
Alice Jorgensen
Emma-Jane Morcombe
Harriet Roberts
Julia Moody
Alexa Taylor
Gerrie & Ole Hansen
Ian Gay
Humphrey Bower
Peter Conquest
Jacqui Otago
Ryan Marano
Alexandra Cassie
Alex Beard
Helen Hristofski
Joe Lui
Lou-Anne Green
Clare Watson
June Moorhouse
Kayla MacGillivray
Carl Freedman
Anthony Watts
Elwyn Edwards
Llandis Barratt-Pugh
Glen Seabrook-Benson
St John Cowcher
Caitlin McFeat
Alan Gill
Karen Paull
Michael McCall
Susannah Day
Val Rhodes
Robyn Westbrook
Leah Mercer
Samantha Chester
James Berlyn
Nancy Hackett
Nuala Keating
Jim Cathcart
Kevin Della Bosca
Chris Bedding
Bernard Mearns
Sally Richardson
George Ashforth
Wil Greenway
Elise Wilson
Nicholas Gough
Monique Beaudoire
Dino Valentini
Michael Ioannidis
Al Cook
Louis Spencer
Anne Patterson
Michelle Endersbee
Neil Barnard
Lucy Wong
Kelly Hudson
Rachael Bott
Kathy Little
Karen Connolly
Shirley Cowcher
Aaron McCann
Paul Bossie
Anne Warger
Tristan McInnes
Anne Ryden
Lisabeth Finn
Kailyn Crabbe
Matthew Marino
Gita Bezard
Rikki Bremner
Daniela Egloff
Daniel Grant
Ellin Sears
Ali Welburn
Bonnie Davies
Richard Watts
David Puddey
Fleur Hardy
Jackson Griggs
Adrian Pinder
Maddy Mullins
Debra-Ann Ireland
Emma Poletti
Jenness Gardner
Joseph Tanti
Sian Murphy
John van Brockxmeer
Alison Van Reeken
Chantel Dyball
Ryan McNally
Pauline McMahon
Berndatte Dell
Scott Dunning
William Walter

We’re very thankful to everyone who has donated at all levels so far. We’ll be keeping a list up-to-date throughout the six month campaign. The campaign is on from now until 30 May 2020. Thanks again to everyone for their support.

Make a donation here.

Minderoo Foundation