Transformation 30 Birthday Appeal

In 2019 The Blue Room Theatre turns 30! We’re celebrating the milestone by fundraising for a project we’ve touted Transformation.

We’re raising funds to create a third black-box performance space and to renovate the bar for the first time in 15 years

We’re celebrating by transforming the venue to support Western Australian artists for the next 30 years. We’re aiming to raise $50,000. Every $1 you donate will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 scheme to become $2. So, we will raise $100,000. 

With this, we’ll create a third black-box performance space to support more artists and a wider range of performance. 

And we’ll renovate the Bar for the first time in 15 years so The Blue Room Theatre grows its audiences along with the renewal of the Perth Cultural Centre.

For all the details and to donate – head here. It’s got on the details you need to know and a tracker of how we’re going so far.

Thanks to everyone who is generously contributed thus far!

We would like to acknowledge and say a big thank you some major donors so far: Minderoo Foundation very generously matched $10,000 in donations at our preview event to make a momentous start; also Adrian and Michela Fini, Shane Colquhoun & Leigh Cathcart, Tim Watts & Arielle Gray, Nola Burns, Bryce Moore, Linda Savage, David Geoffrey Hall, Bryan Martin, Nerida Maclean, Tony Sutherland, Marilyn Fowler, Shelagh Magadza, Kerry O’Sullivan, Phil & Karen, Veronique Ramen, Julian Hobba, Liesbeth Goedhart, Steve Stone, Samantha Nerida, Natalie Jenkins, James & Elizabeth Boyd, James Mumme, Daniel Cleary, Libby Klysz, Aileen Newell, Sally Martin, Andrew Baker & Rowan Marshall, Tony Grybowski, Indi Ranson, Amber Hasler, Kate Mulvany, Gary Roscoe, David Zampatti, Helen O’Sullivan, and Victor Thomas.

We’re very thankful to everyone who has donated at all levels so far. We’ll be keeping a list up-to-date throughout the six month campaign. The campaign is on from now until 30 May 2020. Thanks again to everyone for their support.

Make a donation here.