Summer Nights is The Blue Room Theatre’s curated program of theatre and performance, presented as part of Western Australia’s biggest annual arts festival – FRINGE WORLD.

Summer Nights is a whirlwind of new collaborations, social commentary theatrical playfulness and heartfelt stories. We aim to present a program featuring high-quality, diverse and contemporary live events that champions out local crop of WA talent alongside the best independent artists from around the world.

Due to Covid-19, The Blue Room Theatre won’t be able to announce the offer or program for our 2021 Summer Program until a later date. Stay tuned.

Each year for Summer Nights, we offer a range of performance programs to accommodate and serve a variety of independent artists and their works. We welcome applications ranging from tried and tested crowd-pleasers to exploratory ideas. Every year, you can expect us to offer the below opportunities for presentation, alongside some year-to-year collaborations and partnerships.

The Blue Room Theatre and Studio – 
The Blue Room Theatre and Studio are flexible black box spaces. They are intimate and can accommodate small-to-medium productions with professional design that do not require a large amount of space for storage.

External Events –
While most Summer Nights action takes place in our performance spaces, the streets of Perth during FRINGE WORLD are packed with hungry, festival-fit audiences. We welcome offers from artists for outdoor events, free performances, or amazing ideas that simply don’t fit into a traditional theatre, whatever form they may take.

Short Works Development Programs –
We are proud to support emerging artists wanting to dip their toe into Fringe, or familiar faces keen to road test a new idea, through short work Development Programs.

The full performance program offer for Summer Nights 2021 will be released with the application and information pack in June 2020.

The standard programming turnaround for Summer Nights 2021 is unable to be facilitated due to Covid-19. A programming timeline for The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer offer will be released by September 2020.

If you have any questions about The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer Nights, please don’t hesitate to contact our Producer Harriet Roberts at or call the office on (08) 9227 7005.