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Summer Nights, the Annual Season or Short Works?

TBRT offer 3 streams for programming in 2024: Summer Nights, Shorts Works, and our Annual Season. We suggest deciding up front which season works best for your project.

Summer Nights: it’s a summer festival and we want shows that will bring the heat! Works are shorter than the Annual Season, require less tech and can be packed up swiftly before and after. Less marketing and producing experience is required compared to Annual Season.

Short Works: Got a nugget of an idea, but not a full show in sight? This is a supportive program with a mentor to help you test it as part of a showcase line-up at Summer Nights.

Annual Season: this is our main program that runs April-November. The focus is on a team developing a work over a few months and sustaining a presentation season for up to 15 performances. Teams have exclusive access to the theatres to create their vision.

  • Short Works: 10-15min on stage for approx. 5 nights –  TBRT produce this so you can focus on creative
  • Summer Nights: 45-70min for approx. 5 nights – programmed in July and wrapping in Feb, this takes a big push over summer festival season
  • Annual Season: 60min plus* (*can be 50min for movement works) Annual Seasons take months to years of Development to fulfil your vision in the space
  • Short Works receives a small seed fund each
  • Summer Nights is Box Office split; Summer Nights has 50 hours rehearsal room in-kind
  • Annual Season is $2500 + $300 mentor; Annual Season is 160 hours
  • Short Works – TBRT mainly push it and you’re part of a line-up, feel free to invite your friends and family! So you can focus on creative
  • Summer Nights – we provide some support with our festival campaign but you still need someone across it to cut through the festival market
  • Annual Season you need someone responsible for marketing your show and selling up to three weeks of tickets
  • Short Works simple tech
  • Summer Nights – festival rig
  • Annual Season – Exclusive access to space
  • Short Works is produced by TBRT
  • Summer Nights – Producer required
  • Annual Season – Producer required, must attend 3 x Stage Meetings at TBRT or Zoom

If I apply for Summer Nights, can I also apply for The Blue Room Theatre Annual Season and/ or for Short Works?

These three programs all offer something different. We encourage you to have a think about your project, what conditions best suit your needs.

A successful project in one program cannot apply for another of our programs, however, if you are unsuccessful for Summer Nights, you can review your feedback and apply for either Annual Season or Short Works. Chat to our programming team about the options.