Presented by The TOOL Event & Our Collective Dream

An Evening of African Poetry & Storytelling

An Evening of African Poetry & Storytelling

10 - 21 September

  • AGES

    All Ages

    Approx. 75 mins

    Tuesday 10 September

    Wednesday 11 September

    Thursday 12 September

    Thursday 19 September

    Saturday 21 September

Authentic African Journey: New Home

Embark on a transcendent journey with An Evening of African Poetry and Storytelling – New Home. Inspired by traditional story circles, the backdrop of vibrant African fabrics celebrates authentic storytelling and the richness of diverse communities. Like the Circle, the show has no beginning or end, embracing migration, identity, and cultural resilience. This powerful experience fuses spoken word, rap, singing, and live acoustic music, guided by the wisdom of a central narrator. 

Following their sold-out debut season as part of The Blue Room Theatre – Summer Nights festival, The Outsiders invite you into a metaphysical Circle where migration, identity, and community converge, creating an immersive experience that transcends time and space.

“The immersion was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Your clicks, applause, cheers, and percussion are all a part of the show.” – Magazine 6000



An Evening of African Poetry and Storytelling was first conceived as part of Propel Youth Arts WA KickstART Festival in 2022 as a digital presentation.

Photography by Cole Baxter, Video by Edwin Sitt, Music - Rumble by Ayuba SOQS (ft. Kuda Mic)
  • Creative Producers / Devisors / Lead Artists / Performers

    ‘Kuda Mic’ Ndlovu
    Lisa Watson
    Mohammed ‘Ayo Busari’

  • Performer / Storytellers

    ‘Ayuba SOQS’ Musah
    Nidal Saeed
    Veronikka Basta

  • Performer / Band

    Ridge Moss
    Tao Issaro

  • Production Manager / Publicity

    Phoebe Eames

  • Stage Manager

    Kiara Thomson

  • Lighting Designer

    Katrina Johnston

  • Mentor

    Mararo Wangai

  • Curators

    The Outsiders