Presented by Amelia Sagrabb


Catch-22 by Amelia Sagrabb

11 - 29 Apr

  • AGES


    Approx. 50min

    TUES 11 APR

    WED 12 APR

    THURS 13 APR

Extinction approaches, yet still, we dance

Rising seas swallow island nations. Animal extinctions reach an unprecedented rate. We are hurtling past the point of no return, and yet, we dance.

From the choreographer behind Lemon and an exciting team of independent collaborators comes a new contemporary dance work that explores the moral dilemma of making art in a time of crisis. Inspired by Escher-esque surrealism, expect a tense, disorientating atmosphere where dancers walk on walls.

Questioning the purpose of art within a dying world, Catch-22 will have audiences uneasily contemplating their own duties as citizens of the earth in a climate crisis.

Choreographed by Amelia Sagrabb, with performers/collaborators Francesca Fenton, Montserrat Heras, Giorgia Schijf and Luci Young. Featuring sound by Peter McAvan and lighting by Matthew Erren.

Image by Nicolee Fox
  • Choreographer

    Amelia Sagrabb

  • Performer/Collaborator

    Giorgia Schijf
    Francesca Fenton
    Montserrat Heras
    Luci Young

  • Sound Designer

    Peter McAvan

  • Producer

    Michelle Aitken

  • Lighting Designer

    Matthew Erren

  • Publicity/Marketing

    Katrina Mechler

  • Stage Manager

    Alexander Kiely