Presented by Lainey O’Sullivan


Conception_Facebook event

7 - 11 Feb

  • AGES


    60 mins

State-mandated family drama

And what about the Conception itself?

What about it?

Did she ask about it? Did the two of you discuss it?

He’s been approved by the Department of Fertility and Procreation to try for a child; she has not. An afternoon in the Conception Clinic with his government assigned match will complete their family. But at what cost?

A state mandated family drama set in a much hotter world with strict regulations on fertility and childbirth, this original play by Lainey O’Sullivan delves into what it means to be intimate—or not—when it comes to relationships, sex, and procreation. How far would you go for the one that you love, and with whom?

This darkly funny dystopian story is directed by Samuel Gordon Bruce (My Shout), with a banging cast of up-and-coming Boorloo performers and sound design by David Stewart (Beginning at the End of Capitalism; Pull the Pin).

Image by Samuel Gordon Bruce

Show contains adult themes around fertility and miscarriage, sexual references, scenes of a sexual nature, partial nudity, and use of smoke/haze
  • Writer/Performer

    Lainey O'Sullivan

  • Director

    Samuel Bruce

  • Performer

    Shaun Johnston

  • Performer

    Asha Cornelia Cluer

  • Dramaturg

    Scarlet Davis

  • Lighting Designer

    Adelaide Harney

  • Sound Designer

    David Stewart

  • Stage Manager

    Catherine O'Donogue

  • Producer/Publicist

    Amy Howell