Presented by Scarlet Rose

Gal Pals

Our First Show of the 2024 Season - Gal Pals

9 - 27 April

  • AGES


    Approx. 90 mins

    Tuesday, April 9

    Wednesday, April 10

    Thursday, April 11

    Tuesday, April 16

    Contains coarse language, adults themes including sexual references, alcohol, homophobia, religious trauma/sacrilege, partial nudity and use of smoke/haze.

You can, if you want.

Two weeks in conversion therapy. Kat wants to be there, Hez thought it was a leadership camp, and Sloane’s brought care packages. In a whirlwind of smuggled phones, attempted escapes, punishment essays and betrayals, five queer kids find their own. It’s self-hatred and its religious trauma, but in a fun way! We promise! 

Award-winning playwright Sam Nerida explores in this dark and heartfelt comedy the beauty of the queer experience and the fierceness of found family. Bringing together generations of Boorloo’s queer makers, Gal Pals pays homage to the complexity of figuring yourself out in a world that doesn’t have a lot of space for you. We watch these five queer kids overcome obstacles not only in their environment, but in themselves, to build a community that will weather any storm.  

Gal Pals was seeded through projects at WA Youth Theatre Company in 2019 and 2022.  

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Meet the Artists

Join us on Tuesday 16 April for a post-show Q&A, kicking off around 8pm. All welcome.


Photography by Cole Baxter, Video by Edwin Sitt, Music - Rumble by Ayuba SOQS (ft. Kuda Mic)
  • Writer

    Sam Nerida

  • Director

    Holland Brooks

  • Producer

    Scarlet Rose

  • Performer

    Rhiannon Bryan
    Ionia Venoutsos
    Hayley Perrin
    Crystal Nguyen
    Sophie Quin

  • Set & Sound Designer

    Abi Russell

  • Lighting Designer

    Rhi Peterson

  • Directorial Mentor

    Mel Cantwell

  • Dramaturg

    Alexa Taylor

  • Stage Manager

    Simonne Matthews