Presented by Laura Liu

I’m fine thank you, and you?

Playwrights 03 Laura Lui

Residency in Aug


It's time to speak up

A young Chinese female who has kept silent her whole life is given a microphone. The world is listening – what will she say? Replies to past conversations, missed opportunities for clever retorts, ugly crying, boisterous laughter, finding the words to ask for what you want, and learning to say no, this idea journeys with the woman through all the times she has wanted to speak up.

As part of the Playwrights program in Winter Nights 2020, an initiative supporting the development of four new scripts. Each work will undertake a week-long development, but will not present anything publicly as part of Winter Nights.

What is your development/work about and what happens?

I’m Fine Thank You, And You? is a written theatre piece exploring growing up between cultures and figuring out where you belong through the lens of a Chinese female. From moments on the street to events in history, it’s a journey of finding the courage to speak up and learning how to say no.

How are you developing your work?

I love writing after research, so for the past little while I’ve been reading on the histories of imperialism and orientalism. I’ve also made a survey to collect stories from a broad group of people beyond my immediate network. Next up is braving the blank page and try to put words to experiences.

What are you excited about in this project, and what are you hoping to get out of it?

Being online a lot lately, I’ve been able to speak to people where our existences may have otherwise passed each other by. It’s amazing how many experiences and hurts we have in common despite growing up on different continents and I’m super excited to hear more stories and explore how we got here.

What are you exploring?

I’m still wrestling with the idea that I’ll never be Australian enough in Australia, but also never Chinese enough in China, as the world currently is. That hurts. I’m investigating how our views got here and how they can grow.

Who is in your team?

Laura Liu – writer
Gabrielle Lee – composer and collaborator
Everyone who has filled out the survey and shared their stories and insights with me.

A playwright development, as part of Winter Nights 2020
Supported by Minderoo Foundation

Image of Laura Liu. Shot by Duncan Wright