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Leo Taurus Taurus_ Web 1

8–12 Feb

  • AGES



What's my seen

Four star-signs walk into a bar, meanwhile a INFP and an ENTJ fall in love, and across town, a phone lights up with a Co-Star notification that just says “truth”.

Told through personal story-telling, movement, songs and poetry, Leo/Taurus/Taurus is a glittery, energetic, moving journey through our search for meaning, and the tools we use to figure out who we are; from astrology to Myers Briggs, Buzzfeed quizzes to IQ tests; and what happens when we strip it all away.

From Lady Great Theatre Co, and directed by Michelle Endersbee (ARADIA, Watch and Act), comes a new show that explores identity in an ever changing world, and really wants to know…

…who are you really?

Image by Michelle Endersbee

  • Director & Designer

    Michelle Endersbee (She/Her)

  • Performer & Devisor

    Ruby Liddelow (She/Her)
    Andrea Lim (She/Her)
    Lily Murrell (She/They)
    Lainey O’Sullivan (She/Her)

  • Dramaturg & Assistant Director

    Grace Guppy (She/Her)

  • Stage Manager

    Ella Wakeman (She/Her)

  • Assistant Producer

    Angela Scaturro (She/Her)

  • Producer & Publicist

    Amy Howell (she/her)

  • Sound Designer

    Georgina Cramond (she/her)