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Leo Taurus Taurus_ Web 1

8–12 Feb

  • AGES



What's my seen

Four star-signs walk into a bar, meanwhile a INFP and an ENTJ fall in love, and across town, a phone lights up with a Co-Star notification that just says “truth”.

Told through personal story-telling, movement, songs and poetry, Leo/Taurus/Taurus is a glittery, energetic, moving journey through our search for meaning, and the tools we use to figure out who we are; from astrology to Myers Briggs, Buzzfeed quizzes to IQ tests; and what happens when we strip it all away.

From Lady Great Theatre Co, and directed by Michelle Endersbee (ARADIA, Watch and Act), comes a new show that explores identity in an ever changing world, and really wants to know…

…who are you really?

Image by Michelle Endersbee

This show contains coarse language, references to sexual activities. Smoke machine/hazer is used.
  • Director & Designer

    Michelle Endersbee (she/her)

  • Performer & Devisor

    Ruby Liddelow (she/her)
    Andrea Lim (she/her)
    Lily Murrell (she/they)
    Lainey O’Sullivan (she/her)

  • Live Sound Designer

    Georgina Cramond (she/her)

  • Dramaturg & Assistant Director

    Grace Guppy (she/her)

  • Stage Manager

    Ella Wakeman (she/her)

  • Producer & Publicist

    Amy Howell (she/her)

  • Marketing

    Angela Scaturro (she/her)