Presented by The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights


MicroMove Summer Nights Fringe World 2020

4 Feb – 8 Feb


    The Blue Room Theatre
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    70 MINS


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So I swivelled my hips

West Australian

MicroMove returns in its third reiteration. The talents of Western Australia’s vibrant and dynamic dance artists will be showcased in a season of short works curated by renowned dancer and choreographer Rachel Arianne Ogle. MicroMove surrenders the theatre to movement, transforming both space and body for a nightly program of rigorous and innovative dance works.

As part of Summer Nights at FRINGE WORLD 2020.


angel wings. by Aimee Sadler
Skin. To touch. Skin on skin. When a baby is born, an angel imprints the skin above the lip with her pinky.
Team: Aimee Sadler, Isabelle Leclezio, Annika Moses
Performed Friday and Saturday

There Is One More System by Dean-Ryan Lincoln
Systems of trauma – it is a timeless, liminal space where you return again and again. You keep responding to the disaster long after it has subsidised. The collapse, the complexity, the joy, the anguish, the pleasure.
Team: Dean-Ryan Lincoln
Performed Wednesday and Friday

Flower and Skin by Giorgia Schijf
Mother Nature is woman. How can we see nature as a living entity once again, and connect it back to its mother?
Team: Giorgia Schijf
Performed Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

I Want To Do That by Jen Jamieson
A public dance class for a non-dancer. A rollercoaster of shame and fear, physical stumbling and humiliation, and a shared love of dance.
Team: Jen Jamieson, Sofie Burgoyne, Jacob Lehrer
Performed Thursday and Friday

Girl and a Microphone by Isabella Stone
Amplification and suffocation. A chance to say something but not sure what to say, how to say it or who’s listening. Power – take over my body and an alter ego illuminates the space behind the stand. It’s all a performance but for your or for me, I’m not sure.
Team: Isabella Stone, Emma Fishwick
Performed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

How’s Your Mum? by Not Sold Separately
How are you? Where are you going? I’m fine, are you fine? Are we there yet?
Team: Briannah Davis, Olivia Hendry, Karen Hendry, Raelene Burton-Davis
Performed Wednesday and Saturday

Sister by Ayesha and Rhiana Katz
A 22 year story.
Team: Ayesha Katz, Rhiana Katz, Dane Yates
Performed Tuesday and Wednesday

Into the Dark by Scott Galbraith
To shine light on all parts of ourselves, the bad and the good.
Team: Scott Galbraith, Lilly King
Performed Tuesday and Saturday

The Presence of Wool by Symantha Parr
An atmospheric sound score sets the stage for spectral woollen mill workers, with machine like, repetitive movements. These lost souls subsequently create ghostly cocoon shapes with languid progress contrasted with wild abandonment.
Team: Symantha Parr, Rita Bush, Talitha Maslin, James Gentle
Performed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

The Farm by Tahlia Russell
Sound, movement, imagery, and stillness. Exploring the connection between biorhythms to a state of consciousness.
Team: Tahlia Russell, Storm Helmore, Peter McAvan
Performed Tuesday and Thursday

Image: Alberto Stragapede