Presented by Hayman Theatre Company

Packing Heat


22 Feb - 25 Feb

It’s Moving Day for best friends and housemates Claire, Gwen and Laney.

Claire’s just got her dream job, and Gwen’s moving in with her dreamy older boyfriend. Joking with bubble wrap, arguing over potential wardrobe theft and bopping to a banging packing playlist, it’s a familiar scene.

And Laney’s fine with all of it. Completely fine. Because she knows what no else knows. No one’s leaving.

Think a moving day episode of Friends but if Monica bought a gun, Packing Heat explores the anxiety of maintaining relationships as a young adult. A sitcom turned farcical thriller; Packing Heat is the bottle episode you didn’t know you needed.

  • Director

    Adam Mitchell

  • Playwright

    Elise Wilson
    Daisy Coyle

  • Cast

    Georgia Condon
    Angus Price
    Benjamin Taylor
    Ella Waterman
    Poppy Lindsell
    Cait Griffiths

  • LX Designer

    Ella Wakeman

  • SX Designer

    Hayley Smith

  • Set/Costume/Props Designer

    Rhi Walker

  • Production Manager

    Stephen Carr

  • Stage Manager

    Madison Laine Thomas

  • Deputy Stage Manager

    Marein Koens

  • Costume Assistant

    Kate Naunton-Morgan

  • Props/Set Assistants

    Kira Bolitho
    Rhys Healy
    Adam Reader

  • Administrator

    Leigh Brennan