Presented by David Vikman

Pseudo-archaeologists believe that Vikings made it to Australia

Pseudo-archaeologists believe that Vikings made it to Australia_web1

30 Jan - 3 Feb

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    50 mins approx

Fem ljusa stjärnor!

863. Aarné Järnhand crosses oceans on a (completely made-up) voyage.
1976. ABBA gets broadcast through Bandstand on Channel 9
2018. David Vikman (that’s me!) arrives at Perth International Airport.

Meanwhile: A moose feeds off the grassy plains of Lapland, Sweden.

Created by actor, puppeteer, and incredibly tall Swedish man David Vikman, this is an exploration of arrivals, departures, and who we are and become as we visit different places. It’s also a cheeky look into (fake) histories and the meanings we make with things we find. And something about Vikings and Odin too.

Thank you to Spare Parts Puppet Theatre for the in-kind space hire.

Image by David Vikman
  • Devisor, Performer, Co-Producer, Publicity

    David Vikman

  • Devisor, Co-Producer, Director

    Laura Liu

  • Devisor, Dramaturg

    Andrew Sutherland

  • Stage Manager

    Jemma Sproul

  • Sound Designer

    Jono Battista