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Salome δ

Website Event 2

27 Jan–5 Feb

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We give good head

I wish for the head of John the Baptist. Inspired by the Biblical dance of Salome and scored to the endless echo of prophecy and autobiography, Salome δ (Delta) is a dance-theatre work of desiring bodies and viral futures.

Created by dance-maker Olivia Hendry with independent theatre f**kfaces Andrew Sutherland & Joe Paradise Lui (Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes), Salome δ re-creates the Biblical figure through the queer & chronically sick lived-experience of its performers, in a ‘dance of the seven veils’ for the viral present. Upcycled indie fashion designer Declan MacPhail brings their vision to their set and costume design, as possible futures are made and re-made from the wreckage in an intimate spectacle for the lustful, the abject, the yearning, and the sick in search of the perfect choreography for a crumbling world.

Image by Hannah Laurent

This show includes coarse language, partial nudity and references to medical experiences, drug use and mental health. The themes of the show include recovery from Anorexia and living HIV+. Smoke machine/ hazer and strobe lighting are used.
  • Deviser & Performer

    Olivia Hendry (they/them)
    Andrew Sutherland (he/him)

  • Director/ Sound & Lighting Designer

    Joe Lui (he/him)

  • Designer

    Declan Macphail (they/them)

  • Creative Producer

    Briannah Davis (she/her)