Presented by Gavin Roach in association with Beyond the Yard


SINK Summer Nights Fringe World 2020

4 Feb – 8 Feb


    The Blue Room Theatre
  • TIME


    60 MINS


    $25 +tf
  • GROUPS 6+

    $22 +tf
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Young, horny and available

West Australian / VIC
Australian Premiere

Six millennials meet in many bathrooms of many house parties. Secrets are shared, drugs are swallowed, horoscopes are consulted and hook-ups abound. Standard stuff.

Too young to feel fully adult but too old to pretend that things don’t matter, this is an homage to hazy parties, to kissing and confrontation, to asking the stars for advice, and being on the cusp of fully grown. Everything matters too much and not at all; it’s funny, it’s sexy, and it’s totally recognisable.

Questions of queerness, consent and toxic masculinity all coalesce in this gritty new play, lifted from the UK and spat onto Perth’s stages. With an ensemble cast of WA’s finest young talent, see these young people star in the stories of their own rocky, fragile lives.

As part of Summer Nights at Fringe World 2020.

Image: Peter Townsend
  • Writer

    Tobias Graham

  • Producer

    Gavin Roach

  • Director

    Terence Smith

  • Performers

    Kade Power, Brad Albert, Tallulah Starkie, Anna Lindstedt, Declan Brown, Liam Longley