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SIT! (Or I’ll Make You Sit)

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30 May - 4 June

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    Approx. 90min

So, that apocalypse stuff… We good?

Ainsley and Blair are in love, but Ains has a rule: no moving in until she’s met Blair’s ex. 

Controlling? Sure. But hardly a deal breaker when you’ve found “The One.”

So why is Blair so nervous? What does she have to hide? 

Is it because her ex happens to be a man? (embarrassing!) 

Or is the truth hidden much, much… deeper?

Add to this Chekhov (a dog with a distaste for softboys) and watch as these individuals fumble their way through the worst foursome of their lives.

SIT! (Or I’ll Make You Sit) is the daring debut of emerging playwright Morgan Owen, directed by the award-winning Izzy McDonald.

Born out of unprecedented times and a sense of helplessness, SIT! Is a satire about power, attachment styles and the morbid appeal of living under another’s control. It’s a pitch dark rom-com that looks at that dog on the leash and says, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Date changes: Please note, due to COVID-19 disruptions, some sessions of SIT! (Or I’ll Make You Sit) have been cancelled. Affected ticket holders will be contacted directly.

Meet the Artists
Join us on Thursday 2 June for a post-show Q&A, kicking off around 8.30pm!

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Image by Nicolee Fox

  • Writer & Performer

    Morgan Owen

  • Creative Producer & Publicist 

    Alexander Egloff

  • Director 

    Izzy McDonald 

  • Performers

    Morgan Owen
    Alicia Osyka
    Ebony McGuire
    Ben Sutton

  • Stage Manager & Operator 

    Maddy Mullins 

  • Set & Costume Designer 

    James McMillan 

  • Lighting Designer 

    Adelaide Harney 

  • Composer & Sound Designer

    Kieran Gulvin 

  • Marketing Manager 

    Tim Green 

  • Sound Design Mentor

    Georgia Snudden