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small & cute oh no

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22 July - 7 August 2021

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    Thursday 22 July

    Friday 23 July

    Wednesday 4 August

Big little lives

Jen says she’s down and out and just needs this job as a casual Santa. Peter, her colleague, thinks she’s a loser, and is busy spinning lies to seduce a series of twinks. Bob, their boss, just wants everything to go well so he can ascend to third floor management. Everything’s shit, as usual, ’til Peter discovers Jen’s secret: she’s searching for a lost child. In the melancholy cool of the shopping mall, codependency grows, and the quest for truth gets a little too real.

A strange and compelling new dark comedy by Vidya Rajan (The Lizard Is Present), devised with director Andrew Sutherland (Poorly Drawn Shark), small & cute oh no dives through class, identity, and the reductions of contemporary capitalism in search of the tragedies beneath fact and fiction.

Meet the artists!

Register now to Meet the Artists of Borderline + small & cute oh no in The Blue Room Bar at 8:30pm on Thursday 5 August. It’s free to attend but RSVP here to ensure yourself a spot.

Image by Duncan Wright

Warnings: Coarse language, strong adult themes, simulated sex scenes, references to suicide.
  • Director

    Andrew Sutherland

  • Assistant Director

    Laura Liu

  • Writer

    Vidya Rajan

  • Performers

    Caitlin Beresford-Ord, Louis Spencer & Ming Yang Lim

  • Producer

    Liz Newell

  • Stage Manager

    Georgia Smith

  • Sound Designer & Composer

    Jess Nyanda Moyle

  • AV Designer

    Michelle Aitken

  • Lighting Designer

    Jasmine Lifford

  • Set & Costume Designer

    Eilish Campbell

  • Publicist

    Hayden Mumby

  • Graphic Designer

    Andrea Lim