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small & cute oh no

Small & Cute Oh No

3 Nov - 21 Nov

  • AGES


    70 Mins

Memes, lies, and Detective Pikachu

Due to COVID-19 this production has been postponed. We hope to bring it to our stages at a later date. Please view our online brochure here.

A woman working as a mall Santa searches desperately for a lost child, and a young queer man spins increasingly ludicrous lies to his white lovers. Their lives intersect in the banal melancholy of a shopping mall, until the realest part of their lives is the Pokemon, Detective Pikachu, stalking their growing deceptions.

A strange and compelling new work by Melbourne playwright Vidya Rajan (The Lizard is Present) and directed by Andrew Sutherland (Poorly Drawn Shark), small & cute oh no dives through the excesses of contemporary capitalism in search of the tragedy of truth and fiction.

Image: Duncan Wright

Please view our online brochure here.

Warnings: Violence, Coarse Language, Adult Concepts, Nudity, Smoke Machine/Hazer, Strobe Lighting
  • Director

    Andrew Sutherland

  • Writer

    Vidya Rajan

  • Performers

    Caitlin Beresford-Ord, Louis Spencer, Mararo Wangai

  • Producer

    Liz Newell

  • Lighting Designer/Stage Manager

    Jason Ng

  • Sound Designer/Composer

    Jess Nyanda Moyle

  • AV Designer

    Michelle Aitken

  • Dramaturg

    Renee Newman