Presented by Curtin’s Theatre Arts and the Hayman Theatre Company


What's on: Takeaway by Liz Newell

20 - 25 Feb

  • Ages

  • Run time

    80 minutes (no interval)

A new play by Liz Newell

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

In a vaguely-Italian restaurant in an average small town, eight employees dance around themselves, their ambitions, and each other.

A manager deals with a subpar boyfriend and the creeping realisation she’s not great at her job. A former employee is having a hard time letting go, and navigating an unplanned pregnancy. A waiter focuses on being the life of the party, and a kitchen hand grapples with teaching others to see them for who they truly are.

Sometimes they sorta want to kill each other, and other times they unite over a common enemy, like Colonel Mustard, the homeless guy who douses customers with the condiments he’s nicked.

It feels like nothing will ever, ever change. Maybe it won’t. Maybe it will. Either way, they’re probably gonna run out of sauce.

From writer Liz Newell (Toast, Alone Outside) and director Emily McLean (Toast, The Wolves, Grounded) comes a deeply funny and moving look at who we can become when the rug’s pulled out from under us.

STAGE ONE is a Curtin Theatre Arts initiative. Now in its 12th year, STAGE ONE offers a Western Australian playwright the opportunity to write and premiere a new play and provides our undergraduate acting and technical students with the experience of working with a playwright, director and designer on the development and production of a new work in a professional venue.

Additional Content Warnings: The team have provided some detailed information on the content of the show, so that you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the show for you. You can read it here.

Show contains depictions of, or discussion of, the following: unplanned pregnancy, abortion, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ovarian cancer, homelessness, death, corpses, and mortality.
  • Writer

    Liz Newell

  • Director

    Emily McLean

  • Cast

    Lou - Kate Naunton-Morgan
    Charity - Annalisa Cicchini
    Clem - Tiandra Seal
    Vas - Tom Cartwright
    Darcy - Emilie Tiivel
    Tyler - Keely Johnston
    Danny - Tom Ford
    Alma - Zoe Garciano

  • Production Coordinator

    Stephen Carr

  • Assistant Director

    Poppy Lindsell

  • Stage Manager

    Marien Koens

  • Assistant Production Coordinator

    Simonne Matthews

  • Assistant Stage Managers

    Paige Flatt & Ciedele Mezger

  • Sound Design

    Alex and Yell

  • Costume Design

    Megan Mak

  • Lighting Design

    Hayley Smith

  • Set Design

    Adam Gannon