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The Hole

The Hole_Web 1

19 - 27 January

  • AGES


    55 mins

    Adult themes including graphic sexual descriptions, coarse language, homophobia, transphobia and partial nudity and use of haze

A story of sex, identity, and the closet

A self professed “straight man” fantasises about camping with another man whom he shares kisses with every morning. He and this man share a life together, arguing, fucking, laughing, loving. He thinks of this man, who does not exist, while at work.

His wife sits at home drinking cab sav. Alone. Perhaps willingly ignorant, turning a blind eye, or she knows; either way, she’s happier than ever with distance between her and him. She doesn’t hate her husband, nor does he hate her, but every night she wishes he would disappear.

A man secretly puts on lacy panties. One by one, he tries them on. The red ones are his favourite. He admires how feminine his behind is, and how cute they look in this pair of underpants. Before going to bed, he wishes he was born a woman. When she wakes up, she cries, thinking it hasn’t happened. She doesn’t know she just can be.

“The Hole” tells the story of three people at an impasse, caught between their lives built around the closet, and a real life.

Image by Harper Nguyen
  • Writer/Performer

    Harper Nguyen

  • Director

    Henry O’Brien

  • Performers

    Liam Longley
    Shinade Mourambine