Presented by Blank Space Productions



18 Jun – 27 Jun

  • AGES


    120 Mins
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Shakespeare reclaimed and unleashed

Due to COVID-19 this production has been postponed. We hope to bring it to our stages at a later date. Please view our online brochure here.

Tell the tale of now. Leave corsets in the past and witness the real desires, intellect and power of the feminine.

Three fiercely determined women raise their shunned and misunderstood voices journeying through two worlds; one similar to our own reality, and the other a technicolour world on the knife edge between vivid dream and visceral nightmare.

Unbound is a tragic and comedic wild romp that subverts some of the most influential works of the western canon. It is a visual and aural fight of liberation filled with darkness, despair, and joy. Be a part of this brave new world where action is eloquence.

Image: Duncan Wright

Warnings: Violence, Coarse Language, Adult Concepts, Strobe Lighting
  • Devisors & Performers

    Bridget Le May, Gala Shevtsov, Hannah Evelyn, Kynan Hughes, Ryan Marano, Hock Edwards

  • Producers

    Bridget Le May, Gala Shevtsov, Ryan Marano

  • Lighting Designer & Stage Manager

    Hannah Portwine

  • Sound Designer

    Bec Price