Presented by Henry Boles


Wildcard Web Final

27 Jan–5 Feb

  • AGES



You can’t play what you don’t have

In the cardgame Uno, the Wildcard represents all four colours of the game. The player of the Wildcard must choose the colour it represents for the next player. The Wildcard is a chameleon with the power to shift the tectonic plates of gameplay.

Wildcard, however, is an experiment in development. A work made by a group of artists who might be considered Wildcards in each of their own lives. Facilitated and directed by Henry Boles, star of The Real Housewives of Northbridge 6003 (FRINGE WORLD 2019), host of NEST FM and current member of The Last Great Hunt Gatherer’s Collective, this is a show for people who needn’t dare to be different when it already comes so naturally.  In a fast and furious 50 hours, your nightly line-up will bang heads and seek to create a work that exemplifies the exquisite space between them, with no two nights ending up the same. Music, dance, storytelling – expect every card in the deck!

Image by Shanaya Arya

  • Director

    Henry Boles (hey/they)

  • Assistant Director & Devisor

    Iya Ware (she/her)

  • Devisor

    Cooper Cooper (they/them)
    Ellie Jordan (she/they)
    Olivia Perkins (she/they)
    Marli Ryan (she/her)
    Wimiya Woodley (he/him)
    Marlanie Haerewa (she/her)
    Junior Moyo (he/him)
    James Myers (they/them)
    Jacinta Larcombe (she/they)
    Thalia Russell (she/they)

  • Costume Design & Devisor

    Lauren Salt (she/her)

  • Sound Design

    Peter McAvian (he/him)