The final stretch 🏆

Game on! The Blue Room Theatre is pumped to present another year of the award-winning festival Summer Nights in Boorloo.  

Fans rejoice as the festival embraces big ideas and bold moves this season with nine debut local shows, three interstate acts, as well as fifteen new short works in the action-packed 600 SECONDS.

The 2023 Summer Nights program is a collection of new perspectives, challenging concepts, hilarity, chaos and an appreciation of what makes us unique while bringing us together. You’ll find horse girls in the desert, a musical performed in AUSLAN, the theatre transformed into a wrestling ring and a contemporary opera about a morphine-induced priestess escaping the Third Reich…  

Touring acts are excitedly welcomed back to play our home ground. Internationally adored showgirl Clara Cupcakes brings her solo Yee Howdy, and from Singapore, Artistic Director of The Assembly Point and performer Jeramy Lim premieres their new adventure Kangaroo Disrupted. Off the back of Brisbane Festival 2022, The Naavikaran Collective has collaborated with local PoC performers and choreographers on their extravaganza Brown Church – so wear your Sunday best!

The Blue Room Theatre’s Program Manager Rose Kingdom-Barron states:

“For this year’s festival, the emphasis is more than ever on the spirit of community. Bringing people into the space to connect with each other, and share stories from our backyard, as well as stories from other lands. The artists in this cohort have changed the game in terms of our programming approach – we are going more interdisciplinary than ever before with a stack of music, poetry, dance and community events, as well as the usual high-quality theatre the festival is known for. Bring your friends and family, bare witness to a solid mix of independent artists and lean into Boorloo’s sweaty summer festival atmosphere that is like no other.”  

It all kicks off from Friday 20 January 2023 with Housewarming, Summer Night’s free-entry launch party, which will see the first night of The Blue Room Theatre’s courtyard DJ series the Club Room in partnership with RTRFM 92.1 running every Friday from 5:30-8:30pm during the festival. Plus free late-night karaoke from local crooners House of BOK. RSVP on Facebook here!

So gather your mates, draft your top picks and get stuck into the program like a juicy half- time orange! Jump into a show with both feet, dip your toe into a 600 SECONDS line-up or come along to a free event and let your hair down in the balmy summer air into the night.

It’s all bangers no clangers at Summer Nights 2023. Just remember to hydrate!

The Blue Room Theatre has presented 295 works and supported over 2,600 artists over 12 festivals since 2010 and as a FRINGE WORLD registered program from 2012 – 2020. In 2022, Summer Nights will evolve again, seeing the festival run entirely independently once more.

For further information and to book your tickets for Summer Nights head to

Amber Kitney, Communications Coordinator
The Blue Room Theatre
(08) 9227 7005