Summer Nights 2019 Workshops

Christmas is almost here, and let’s be real: You’re not prepared. Neither are we, to be honest, but luckily with FRINGE WORLD fast approaching we have the lowdown on the best way to wow your extended family at the upcoming frivolities. Read on for our hot tips on the best last minute Christmas gifts for the whole family…and we mean the whole family.

Your Vodka Aunt
Show? The Chook House

Why? This entire show is about women talking secret smack about each other in the workplace. Who knows, maybe some tickets to this show might even spare you from Aunt Shirley’s pointed looks during your third helping of trifle…

Your “Have you heard that episode of This American Life where…” Cousin
Show? The Basement Tapes

Why? This is an international production that claims to be Twin Peaks meets Serial, a combo designed to satisfy even the biggest podcast snob in the family. With a bunch of awards to boot, a creepy New Zealand mystery is a safe bet for that guy who won’t shut up about Joe Rogan.

Your moody teen
Show? Blueberry Play

Why? This whole show is about how bloody tricky it is to be a teenager, and how complicated that family sh*t can be. They’ll love how much they can see themselves in the dorky main character, and it’ll be a laugh for the whole family.

Your mate who reckons they’re practically friends with Stella Donnelly, hey

Why? This is a group of old-mates drinking beers and playing tunes, and Jacob Diamond’s little brother is in it. There’s a heap of live music, and it got great reviews in Sydney. Enough said? Yeah, cheers.

For the wine mum in your life
Show? Manwatching

Why? The whole gimmick of this show is watching an unprepared dude read out a script that details a woman’s internal monologue while she’s making the beast with two backs. It’s guaranteed to produce an embarrassed chuckle or fifty, and there’s a great line-up of Perth heart throbs programmed for the season. 

Your retro-fashion obsessed sibling
Show? Double Denim

Why? This entire show is an homage to the 90s. Is there someone in your family who hasn’t let go of the golden years yet? Send ‘em here. It’s gonna be ridiculous, and there WILL be denim.

Your mate who’s sick of “but where are you really from?”
Show? A Westerner’s Guide to the Opium Wars

Why? This show tackles the dumb baggage that comes along with being a second-generation Australian, and goes right back to the roots of its charming creator and performer, Tabitha Woo. There’s show tunes, a subtle dismantling of systemic racism, and sock puppets. Perfect.

The one who cries at Pixar movies
Show? Wil Greenway: Either side of everything

Why? Wil Greenway, if you haven’t heard of him before, is a too-pure-for-this-world, international Fringe festival sensation who often travels with his beautiful partner and is known for making people weep while describing someone tying their shoelace, or something. Get the waterworks on.

The enthusiastic feminist
Show? Feminah

Why? Feminah is the follow up show from Charlotte Otton, the woman behind Perth’s recent pop-feminism smash hit Let me finish (returning for FRINGE WORLD 2019). She’s 6 feet of talented pussy power, and her one woman show is sure to satisfy the wokest of the woke.

For Nan & Pop
Show? Talofa Papa

Why? This is a whole theatrical experience about respecting your elders, and remembering your family roots. It’s coming to Perth from New Zealand, and the award winning Samoan grandad of the show is set to charm the socks right off anyone he meets.

Your uncle who LOVES the CLASSICS
Show? Paper Doll

Why? Perfect for your Theatre (with a capital T) loving rellies, this new drama was written in response to Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge (they’ll know what that is). Director Lucy Clements is a well-loved Perth expat, and it’s sure to satisfy the tense, theatrical desires of a more refined FRINGE WORLD goer.

For the class clown
Show? Paradise! A Cool & Smart Show

Why? This is two young men from Melbourne doing sketch comedy-theatre with some not-so-subtle hints of The Mighty Boosh for good measure. Reviews from Melbourne say it’s ‘best when they stay on script.’ It’ll be dumb. It’ll be great.

The kids

Why? Trick of the Light Theatre have won the Children’s’ Event Award at FRINGE WORLD twice before, and their latest show has been met with similar rave reviews in its previous tours. It’s techy, it’s speccy, it’s weird, and it’s got children’s prices. Nice.

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