6 – 17 June 2023

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A word from the artist, Boyname


Reconcile is a profoundly personal, unapologetic deep dive into how I have come into my own. It picks apart, with choreographed chaos, the conditioned mind to identify the true self so that it can be nurtured and celebrated for all its beauty, discarding white noise from those who would have us believe a lesser worth than we deserve. Move from grief and self-loathing, to radical self-love, and every tender, hideous, harsh and beautiful shade between.

As a queer, trans artist I am deeply connected to and grateful for my community. I feel this has the opportunity to create vital discussions and challenge perceptions of the issues we still face. With my platform, I hope to nurture change, to increase visibility and safety for my community, and champion the queer excellence of authenticity in our arts sector.

I understand that our audiences will experience this work differently as it grapples with challenging, contemporary themes and lived experience. I hope this word may help you to decide how you engage with Reconcile.
If you are feeling unsure, you may have already seen the content warnings listed, and in support of our community, our collaborator Evie Clayton has produced an in-depth Sensory and Content Guide to accompany the show, made available to you here and in the foyer.

Download Reconcile Sensory and Content Guide

This guide details the show in respects to content and sensory triggers – the guide therefore contains “spoilers”, but we believe that providing you with an empowering resource to help make informed choices around your own emotional well-being is more important than a reveal, and supports free expression of an invaluably autobiographical work.

Here you can also see an interview with myself, our choreographer and creative producer talking more into the audience experience and creative process.

Reconcile is honest, raw, unapologetic and of my soul. It is a celebration of overcoming all that we are led to believe is true of ourselves. I am so privileged to be able to bring this work to The Blue Room Theatre with such a fantastic collaborative team, and look forward to sharing the story of my flesh with you.

If you require any further information, please do reach out. The team and I so look forward to sharing space with you, and invite you to come, and Reconcile.