Discover fourteen new works

The Blue Room Theatre’s Annual Season presents fourteen works crafted lovingly from the many hands of local independent artists. The season begins on April 11 and runs through to the end of November 2023.

It takes many hands to tell a story. And our 2023 Annual Season features many different stories. Expect stories about collecting raindrops and rising tides, hellish waiting rooms and family dinners. Stories from emerging and mid-career artists and stories told through dance, theatre, and song.

The Blue Room Theatre’s Program Manager Rose Kingdom-Barron couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming season:

“This program is an homage to the collective hands it takes to tell a story, onstage and off. From collecting personal and political histories that help us understand where we come from, to cutting insights on intimate friendships and family tensions, to critiquing our current structures and dreaming of the future. These stories do not shy away from questioning our world and holding a mirror up to ourselves, examining our relationships and our actions.

When everything feels overwhelming, we often look to artists to share their ideas, their imagination, and their heart with us. It is not easy to make art in complex times, but they continue to work together, critique and create against all odds, and we can’t wait to share their stories with you.”

Coming up first in April, the season commences with Catch-22 – a new work from local emerging choreographer Amelia Sagrabb that explores a world turned upside down. We then follow Algerian-Australian theatre-maker Sabrina Hadid into the world of Not Far from the Tree – a beautiful bilingual play about heritage, legacy, intergenerational conflict, and healing. 

For a glimpse of all the artists making work in 2023, check out the official Annual Season Trailer here.

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Catch-22 | Amelia Sagrabb | 11–29 Apr

We are hurtling past the point of no return, and yet, we dance. Tense, disorienting, and surreal, witness dancers walk on walls in search of purpose in a world turned upside down.

Not Far from the Tree | Sabrina Hafid | 18 Apr–6 May

You’re invited to take a seat at the kitchen table and break bread with an Algerian Australian family, in this semiautobiographical tale about the past that makes us who we are.

Hell Is Other People | Monkey Brain | 9–27 May

Three unlikely strangers meet in a waiting room. Each takes a ticket and waits for their number to be called. This bold reimagining of a Sartre classic is not to be missed.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Lighter | Crash Theatre Company | 16 May–3 Jun

A vibrant, messy, heartfelt trip down memory lane for anyone who’s grown up with the girls they met in the first year of high school.

Reconcile | Boyname | 6-17 Jun

Through the fluidity of their body, the fester of old wounds, the grace of torn petals, theirs is a sermon of self-loathing and self-love, where each painstaking minute is curated by delicate, unflinching hands. Come, Reconcile.

Where Water Once Was | Evan Rickman | 13 Jun–1 Jul

Under the Kelly’s floorboards runs a stream, yet only Dylan seems to notice. The past made sense, the past was safe… but like a river flows to the sea, change is inevitable.

We’ll Always Have Bali | Samantha Hortin | 11–29 Jul

Three generations of the Wilson family reminisce on the good ol’ days in this relatable and political family dramedy about the bewitching power of nostalgia.

Same Time Next Week | Nick Pages-Oliver & Scott McArdle | 15 Aug – 2 Sep

Based on a true story, Same Time Next Week is a puppet musical about the joy of play, the healing power of laughter, and the stories we tell together.

Extraordinary Auspol | BS Productions | 22 Aug–9 Sep

A retelling of all the most surreal moments in Australian politics that you’ve never heard before. Every one of them unbelievably true. Thoroughly researched, joyously presented and utterly unique.

Alex and Evie and the Forever Falling Rain | every other theatre company | 22–30 Sep

Evie just moved to a place where it’s always raining. But before her 10th birthday tomorrow, she’s going to stop it. Then, Alex arrives at her door. Evie doesn’t trust him but, as her closest cat confidant points out, the rain isn’t something you can stop alone.

Salted Pretzels | APK Productions | 3–21 Oct

Cassius meets Dom (online, that is) and now it’s time for a happily ever after. But it’s not that easy, even if we’re told otherwise. In this updated celebration of modern dating, love is the salty seasoning to a delicious night of dating that ends up as twisted as a pretzel.

Much Stuff | Top Secret Shh Productions | 10-28 Oct

Join Blake and Charlie in a mess of gay panic and neurodivergence as they navigate the glorious awkwardness of the ‘20-something’ identity crisis, the beauty of female relationships, and doing it all in a world not built for you (with arguable success).

Everything Flickers | stop drop + roll theatre company | 31 Oct–18 Nov

A tapestry of images constructed through the collaboration of dance, live music, performance, and visual arts. As we fight to salvage the universal language of art, the act of finishing a sentence will become, in itself, a revolution.

Democracy Repair Services | Noemi Huttner-Koros | 7–25 Nov

In the middle of a scorching summer election campaign, four teenagers get together to change the course of history. To not just be a part of democracy but rewrite it their way.

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