All of August. IRL + Online.

The Blue Room Theatre is thrilled to present Winter Nights 2020, a largely remote festival that embraces the opportunities and rises to the challenge of our physically distant reality.

This festival encompasses the essence of Winter Nights’ past by fostering dialogue, celebrating innovation and the creative process, supporting local artists to redefine their performance-making practice in the wake of Covid-19.

With theatres closed and conditions placed upon collaboration and community, Covid-19 has compromised the very premise upon which we create and consume performance. It’s time to traverse boundaries and transform. Artists have been provoked to reconsider how they can play with the high stakes of a live show and entertain interaction with audiences in this whole new world. With live broadcasted conversations accompanied by an all new podcast along with a smorgasbord of creative developments, West Australian artists are doing just that.

This Winter Nights there are a lot of new works in the pipeline. Not all projects will be unveiled to the public this August, however audiences can tune in, rock up and support a taster of tantalising conversations and innovating performance showings, trials and prototypes as artists dedicate themselves to redefining our future.

Check out the program below.


Creative Developments

Artists will be thinking outside of The Blue Room Theatre box to be innovative and ambitious in their approach to form, style, process and even distribution to audiences. We’re talking new ideas, challenging themes, the experimental, the weird, the exciting, the intelligent, and the fun.

Salome by Squid Vicious and Renegade Productions
The story of Salome will be the catalyst for a new work that experiments to erase authorship through a horizontal process of creation. Andrew Sutherland and Grace Chow will respond together to Salome as constant cellular movement, and Joe Lui and Olivia Hendry will work to respond to Salome as self-commodification. Hendry and Chow will then come together to meld their findings.

Come What May, We Will Meet Tomorrow by Joe Lui, Tahlia Russell and Kristie Smith
A semi improvised multi-disciplinary work in which a dancer responds to light and sound in different environments. It is the search for brighter futures and better worlds, amidst the challenges of the present and the callousness of the world we know.

Survive the Apocalypse! by Rhiannon Petersen
A virtual choose your own adventure where the audience becomes the protagonist of an alternative apocalyptic world which is referential of our pandemic, climate crisis reality, where kindness reigns supreme.

Brute & Brut by FUGUE
An investigation into sexuality and space; how environment informs behaviour and identity. It is an immersive promenade theatre experience which submerges audiences into a visceral interpretation of a mind reaching liberation.

What Is Given Is Not A Fully Formed Song by Noemie Huttner-Koros & Josten Myburgh
A sound experiment. A theatre work that uses electronic sound as a stage within a stage: speakers as actors, stereo field as world. The virtual sonic soundstage becomes a dialogue with action and text on the real stage.

All Ages Theatre Development

We are partnering with Barking Gecko Theatre Company for the third year to support the development of an all ages theatre work. The project will be supported across two stages of development, and will allow the team to explore the possibilities in creating work for children and families.

Whoops & Daisy by Static Drive Co
An all ages work about belonging, set in a science laboratory bursting to life with colourful experiments and a search for an Epic Serum. Kooky scientists Whoops and Daisy (Sam Nerida & Haydon Wilson) attempt to create a serum that makes everyone who drinks it ‘Epic’. The work will prioritise universal access for neurotypical and neurodiverse children alike.


With discourse and discussion at the heart of Winter Nights, four artists will host conversations about different aspects of creative practice, live streamed and turned into a podcast. The discussions and hosts have been curated and mentored by Barefaced Stories Co-Founder and ABC Radio presenter, Andrea Gibbs.

Sensing Humour by Barbara Hostalek
A discussion at the intersection of humour, health and wellbeing. This conversation will provide insight into the creative practice of humour from an actors point of view, speaking with creatives who provide an act of service for vulnerable and seriously ill people to provide mental health and wellness benefits, and relieve pain and suffering.

Dancing with Everything by Bernadette Lewis
A conversation between Bernadette Lewis and Daisy Sanders about what dancing is and who can dance. A seemingly epic endeavour, they will hone in on specific aspects and questions through the lens of Daisy’s personal and professional experience.

The Feast and The Famine by Georgi Ivers
An exploration of financial security and long-term financial thinking while working in the arts. It will create more awareness of the projected economic future for people beginning their practice; discussing the financial journeys of established artists; and promote critical thinking, real-talk and self-education.

©ulture as ©ulture by Rosie Sitorus
A discussion about the journeys and experiences of artists who practice in Australia with other cultural backgrounds. Three panelists will talk about how their cultural heritage has shaped them as people, as women, and as artists.

The Blue Room Theatre will also facilitate two additional live webinar conversations as part of the festival:

A Safe Space to Ask Stupid Questions by Yirra Yaakin
Join Yirra Yaakin’s Artistic Director Eva Grace Mullaley, First Nations artist Ian Wilkes and Associate Director of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre Michael Barlow in an online session answering burning questions and exploring the do’s and don’ts of working with First Nations communities and their stories.

Following a week long online intensive with 10 of Perth’s moving and shaking performance makers, Winter Nights’ ~virtual~  Guest Artist joins a live zoom to discuss her practice as an independent director and lighting designer and as Co-Artistic Director of THE RABBLE.


Four projects from emerging playwrights who are evolving their writing practice will be supported to undertake research and the first script development of a new work.

I’m fine thank you, and you? by Laura Liu
A young Chinese female who has kept silent her whole life is given a microphone. The world is listening – what will she say? Replies to past conversations, missed opportunities for clever retorts, ugly crying, boisterous laughter, finding the words to ask for what you want, and learning to say no, this idea journeys with the woman through all the times she has wanted to speak up.

Catastrophe by Ella Hetherington and Renèe Newman
An exploration of internal and external crises/catastrophes: near death experiences, failing bodies, sleeplessness and chaos all told through performative truth-telling and the conceptual/metaphorical/literal image of rising water and warming global temperatures.

Stillbirth by Tinashe Jakwa
A man is trapped in a room in a house. The family of the house is unaware of his presence. The country is embroiled in a war of independence. The days of white minority rule are numbered, but the lines between black and white are stark. Will the family learn of the man’s presence or will he haunt their memory for years to come?

Curly Vet Tales by Barbara Hostalek
Using Playback theatre as the vehicle for veterinarians and/or veterinary nurses to share stories under the broad themed ideas of work place obstacles, conflict, victories and inspiration, sharing in conversations to propel ideas to progress to a draft script.


Virtual Workshop Intensive with Emma Valente
Winter Nights loves to host a guest artist to join in the fun and share their skills and experiences with local artists. 2020 is no different, and this year we are thrilled to welcome Emma Valente from THE RABBLE into the virtual fold to run an online professional development intensive. Ten local artists will connect online with Emma, introducing them to a range of techniques for generating material for performance and to develop their practice ideas and methodologies over the course of week. We’re sure you’ll see the results on Perth’s stages for years to come…

Winter Nights 2020 supported by Minderoo Foundation